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"Finally! How To Systematically Find, Buy And Profit From Investment Properties In High Growth Areas...
The Proven Step-by-Step Process From Australia’s Most Trusted Expert
Dear Investor,

I’d like to share with you a proven system for pinpointing precisely which suburbs to invest in, so you can keep purchasing properties and grow your portfolio with absolute confidence (and minimal risk).

My name is Jane Slack-Smith and I'm a professional property investor. 

I built my own multi-million dollar property portfolio in under 10 years, and these days I’m passionate about helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through accelerated, low-risk, property investment.

That’s why I highly encourage you to read on and discover a revolutionary approach to investing that will not only show you exactly where to buy, but also…
  •  To remove your fear or uncertainty about how to invest, by following a simple step-by-step process, that could literally save you months of time and create hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  •  To learn the essence of what makes an investment grade suburb, so you are just focused on investing in the most profitable areas.
  •  To accelerate your property search by leveraging the best expert reports, suburb predictions and software available in Australia.
  •  To avoid the costly investment decisions that arise from misinformation, hearsay and guesswork (these can cripple your property portfolio plans right from the start). 
  •  And to do all of this as quickly and effectively as possible, without sacrificing months of family time, or turning your lifestyle completely upside down.


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Jane Slack-Smith is a respected author, media commentator and property coach.

Jane has been named one of the Top 10 Property Experts by Money Magazine, one of the Top 4 Financial Influencers by Qantas and has been awarded the Australia's Mortgage Broker of the Year (twice!).
Recent Feedback
“Jane, you are the best example of how this world can become a better and kinder place :)”
-Tanya Christiansen

Jane, my property in Victoria grew by 27% last year! 
My son’s property and my daughter’s property are now both doing so well they could sell them tomorrow and nearly pay off there own homes in Sydney. 
I don’t have to worry about my children anymore. You have helped my family so wonderfully!

Thank for your wonderful generosity! We feel extremely proud to have you as our mentor and touched by what you're doing. 
-Ann and Joseph
Warning! Are You Making The #1 Most Common Mistake Investors Make?
After observing thousands of investors, 
the #1 most common mistake investors make is:

A: They invest in the wrong suburbs.
I call these under-performing suburbs...
Portfolio Killers
Because these suburbs simply DO NOT have the characteristics of investment grade suburbs...
So WHY ON EARTH do people to choose to invest in these portfolio killing areas?...
From what I have observed, there are 3 main underlying problems that are nearly always present in these costly decisions. 

And unfortunately, these 3 factors together can have a real domino effect on the success of building your property portfolio... 

And ultimately reaching your financial goals.

So with that in mind, let’s quickly take a look at each of these in turn.
Portfolio Killer #1 Is Time
Many people are incredibly time poor between work and family these days, and it can be difficult to put the time aside to do all of the necessary research. 

So when you’re doing all of your property research manually yourself... it’s very easy to underestimate just how long it takes to collate all the data you need to identify the right suburbs and the right properties to look at.

You see, for anybody who is trying to do this, it’s going to take many, many hours of work and a lot of searching the internet late into the night... 

Not to mention playing around with free tools and reams of data... trying desperately to come up with what you THINK might be a good area to invest in. 

And while there's nothing wrong with that... sometimes it just makes more sense to pay for information in order to get things going faster.

Thankfully, I realised this early on... the concept of “paying for a shortcut”.

In hindsight, this made a huge difference to my investing.

In fact, before I even purchased my first property, I bought several expert reports to assist my search...

And I continue to purchase and use these type of reports and data today.

Not only for speed, but also so I can leverage the knowledge and research other experts and also be sure the data is up to date...

Now, it’s true that expert reports and software can be expensive and easily run into hundreds of dollars.

However, I look at it this way...

I would much rather pay a few hundred dollars now, for the duration of my property search... rather than risk tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars by choosing the wrong property, in the wrong area.

So bottom line... the value of keeping up the momentum and getting it right, can be the difference between making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and actually making a loss…

Portfolio Killer #2 Is Focus

Property investing is a complicated maze of options and strategies. 

And there are many strong opinions, competing strategies and seemingly endless paths that you can go down.

For example, just type: “How to invest in property” into Google and you’ll see over 5 MILLION search results!

Is it any wonder that most people struggle to maintain focus!
The problem is there are way too many distractions that compete for our attention. 

Therefore, to gain focus and clarity about our investing, we must first come back to our primary goal...

Why are we doing this? 

Let’s face it... property investing is not supposed to be a hobby.

It’s a means to an end. 

And it’s a vehicle to get us from where we are now... to the lifestyle goal we want to achieve.

Therefore, it’s crucial you have a specific financial goal.

Because then you can work backwards from that goal, to work out how your property investing strategy can get you to that target, within your desired timeframe. 

So If your financial goal is a $50,000pa passive income within 10 years...

Then you are crystal clear on your goal, and you can then focus on the specific strategy that will achieve it. 

And then you can apply a known set of criteria to create a shortlist of suburbs.

From there, with the right tools... It’s simply a process of suburb elimination, using your criteria.

Your Suburb Criteria
You can think of that suburb criteria like CHECKBOXES for your strategy.

You choose the suburb with the most ticks in the most important check boxes.

That's the power of focus. 
Portfolio Killer #3 Is Confidence
The third underlying problem... and the final hurdle that halts so many investor’s well laid plans... is confidence.

Not having the confidence to make decisions and keep moving forward, can take on many forms...

And it doesn't matter if it’s your first investment property or second property or third...

You need the confidence to make informed, intelligent decisions... (Unfortunately, just knowing the theory is not enough on its own...)

However a lack of confidence (where you are struggling to make a decision) is often the key reason why people get stuck...

And maybe this is because you're struggling to decide on the right strategy, or location or property... or even, if it’s the right time... 

Or maybe your confused by conflicting information which can easily lead to procrastination... 

And if this is not kept in check, your investing ends up slowing down or even stopping altogether.

The fact is... 
Time out of the market, can also cost you money. 
It means you're not moving forward, in actual fact as the market moves up, you're really going backwards.

Taking the plunge and buying an investment property, whether it’s your first investment property, or your next investment property, is a huge decision... And will have a major impact on the rest of your life... 

So it does require confidence.

The confidence to back yourself and trust in your research... And to trust in the numbers...

Unfortunately for many, the research and the information they have available to them... Is simply not adequate to find investment grade locations.

They are forced to make these important decisions without all of the evidence and facts...

So I would like to share with you how you can gain access the right information and trust your numbers with 100% confidence...

So let’s cut straight to the chase: 

The cure for a lack of confidence, is competence!

And the way you gain competence is by knowing exactly what to do... 

By educating yourself... (Because everything is learnable...)
But how can you educate yourself, 
if you're not sure of who or what to trust?
If you are having trouble just figuring out who to trust, or who is the real deal, and who is nothing more than just a spruiker...

I can totally understand all of this... 

When I first started out, I read over 123 books on property investing in under 2 years... and many of them recommended a different property investment strategy.... 

And I was also going to a lot of free seminars and most of them were teaching different strategies... not to mention I was convinced a lot of these guys really did not have my best interests at heart... 

But ultimately it’s all about results, right? 

So, if you can see other people are genuinely getting outstanding results from a program, then there’s no reason why you can’t too.  

So ultimately, knowledge is what breeds confidence.

If you can be introduced to a systematic, scientific process that is proven to work... then you’ll soon see your confidence levels soar very quickly. 
The facts about investing...
What Really Causes A Specific Location
To Outperform The Market?
We are very lucky in Australia to have access to extremely powerful property market data and demographic information going back nearly 100 years. 
Through multiple property market cycles, ups and downs... peaks and troughs, we have seen it all before and have the data to prove it!

So why is this important?

It’s important because we can go back and look at the suburbs that have outperformed the market historically and identify which characteristics were present in those areas, before they experienced growth.

This is the science of suburb prediction.

Since the year 2000, I have been studying this subject closely and as a former engineer I am fascinated with the numbers behind this phenomenon.

Along the way I have had the opportunity and privilege to pick the brains of some of the most respected experts on this subject in Australia and I’m proud to say that many of them have become close friends.

People like: 
  • John Edwards: The founder of Residex, and the father of suburb predictions in Australia.
  •  Louis Christopher: The founder of SQM research... A man who is leading the charge for data transparency in the property industry across Australia.
  •  Terry Ryder: The founder and CEO of Hotspotting, who’s detailed research about up and coming suburbs and infrastructure projects is unparalleled in Australia.
Just to name a few.

And these experts (and many other clever individuals like them) have left a body of work on the fundamental underpinnings of the Australian residential property market and in particular the drivers of capital growth.

Things like:
  •  Supply and demand
  •  Employment opportunities and a diverse economy
  •  Infrastructure and development
  •  Population growth
  •  Pricing pressure
And many more...

All of these drivers are known... 

All of these statistics are available and tracked (daily) by industry bodies, the Australian government and multiple independent data providers... 

This information is available to you right now. 
If used correctly, it will allow you to focus on the specific locations that have a unique combination of characteristics present, that are perfectly suited to your strategy
What Australia’s Top Experts Say About Jane Slack-Smith...
“There are those among us who have unusual abilities. Jane is one such person. Her ability to inspire, educate and motivate in easily understood language is unique. 
- John Edwards
Founder and Chief Executive, Residex Pty Ltd

“Jane's authenticity and ease in which she communicates complicated issues, is very impressive. This really is an incredible course (and I have seen many) and I encourage you to consider an investment in this program.”
- Bryce Holdaway
Location Location Australia on Foxtel Lifestyle Channel
The Property Couch Podcast
“Jane Slack-Smith is one of the true property success stories and property professionals in Australia. She combines an astute knowledge of the industry as well as of demographics to achieve the best possible outcome. And Jane is a nice person. What more do you need!” 

- Bernard Salt 
Social Commentator, Author, Columnist
A Revolutionary New Software/Training That Is 
Designed To Get You The Right Property In The 
Right Location In The Shortest Possible Time...
How To Avoid Portfolio Killing Suburbs And Invest With Clarity And Confidence
Within a few days of joining Location Masterclass Online, you will have a clear understanding of exactly what you need to do, to start investing in the best investment grade suburbs that you can afford and how to do it in the shortest possible time frame...

We achieve this using the Suburb Selector Software and by walking you step-by-step through our evidence based suburb selection process.
It’s just a matter of ticking off each of the steps as you go...
At the end of these 15 steps, you’ll find that…
  •  You’ve gained complete clarity and confidence about your investing, like never before.
  •  You know EVERYTHING you need to systematically build and grow a successful property portfolio
  •  You’ve leveraged our custom built Suburb Selector Software, to create a valuable shortlist of suburbs candidates
  •  You’ve learned how to make decisions quickly based on the system, evidence and data you have access to
Never before has this combination of software and training been available to the general public...   

Simply plug your criteria into our proven system, and you'll be well on your way to building a portfolio that grows your wealth, year after year.
3 Things About This Program That Make It One Of The Best Tools Available To Property Investors In Australia...
Who Are The Architects Behind Location Masterclass Online?
Jane Slack-Smith, the author of Your Property Success with Renovation: 2 properties, 1 renovation, $1 million in the bank, started her career as a mining engineer.

She was one of the first women to enter the male domain of underground coal mining and despite a tough start, went on to become an explosives expert.

Jane has been recognised with multiple honours and awards for her pioneering contribution to the industry, including been profiled in the ABC's Australian Story TV program.

It was the challenges and discipline of explosives engineering that originally set her on the path to developing her property investment methodology called The Trid3nt Strategy®.

Today Jane and her husband Todd now own 7 investment properties, and have just completed their seventh renovation.

Jane is passionate about helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through accelerated, low-risk, investment in property.
Jane Slack-Smith
The co-creator of Your Location Masterclass Online is renovator and property developer John Hubbard
Before becoming a full-time renovator and property developer, John Hubbard worked in video production producing television commercials, education and training. 

John’s combined passion for property and technology has come together in the unique delivery of Location Masterclass Online.

John’s goal is to raise the bar of adult education by incorporating the latest technology and software.
John Hubbard
Program Information
An Extraordinary Training That Gets You Investing Like A Genius, By Removing All The Guesswork And Risk...
Location Masterclass Online is designed for one purpose only:
To get you into the best possible suburbs that you can afford, within the shortest possible time frame...
This integrated program is much more than just property investment course.

It’s a complete system you can easily plug into, to build your portfolio effectively and safely... without struggling through months of research, or completely turning your lifestyle upside down...
This Is How Location Masterclass Online 
Is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting 
Results In The Shortest Time Possible
Video 1: How to Identify Pricing Pressure
In this video we introduce a powerful tool used to investigate pricing pressure and “the ripple effect” within a metropolitan area.

Highlights include:
  •  How to identify pricing pressure and the drivers of growth
  •  How to uncover the evidence that a ripple effect is underway
  •  The Dotmap exercise to predict new growth corridors
  •  ‘The 2% Increment Rule’ to uncover suburbs set to grow
Video 2: How To Use Expert Reports For Maximum Impact
Thankfully early on in my investing career, I recognised the value and power that high quality expert reports offer. 
In hindsight, it was really a ‘no-brainer’. 

In this module I will share with you my go to resources and how to use them for maximum impact.

Highlights include:
  •  The suburb predictions reports that I use and recommend
  •  How to set your criteria and interpret the results
  •  How to eliminate suburbs that are unsuitable for your situation
  •  How to collate a shortlist of high value suburb candidates
Video 3: One Tool To Rule Them All - The Suburb Selector Software
The Suburb Selector Software can apply your personal criteria to suburbs from any source, including expert reports and your Dotmap results. 

Highlights include:
  •  Input your desired city, purchase price and distance from the CBD
  •  Eliminate the suburb candidates that do not match your criteria
  •  Identify patterns of capital growth in neighbouring suburbs
  •  Set your investment criteria for targeting high demand suburbs
Video 4: The Suburb Selector Software Part 2 
In this step we use the powerful Suburb Selector Software to conduct a deeper analysis into our shortlisted suburbs.

Highlights include:
  •  How to eliminate suburbs with high vacancy rates
  •  How to establish high demand from renters and buyers
  •  Why household income and crime rates are so important?
  •  How to eliminate all but the best suburb candidates
Video 5: Your Individual Suburb Analysis - Part 1
In this step we start conducting our suburb due diligence and individual analysis.

Highlights include:
  •  What are the tell-tale signs of pricing pressure?
  •  How to measure patterns of growth in the neighbouring suburbs
  •  Market drivers: Rental yield, % of renters and vacancy rates
  •  Market temperature: Stock turnover, sales volume and days on market
Video 6: Your Individual Suburb Analysis - Part 2
In this step we continue to explore the opportunity that exists within our target suburbs.

Highlights include:
  •  What kind of opportunities are available in this suburb?
  •  Is it possible to buy low and revalue high for maximum profit?
  •  How much value does an extra bedroom add to a property in this suburb?
  •  How much rental return can I expect (per bedroom) in this suburb?
Video 7: Individual Suburb Analysis - RP Data
In this step we delve deeper into our suburb analysis using CoreLogic RP Data Professional (paid software).

Highlights include:
  •  The properties that are currently on the market in this suburb
  •  We make an assessment of what the most in demand property types are
Video 8: Your Target Market
In this step we we assess our suburb as if it were a business opportunity...

Highlights include:
  •  How to identify and find a tenant so you don't have to stress about vacancy periods (and lack of cashflow)
  •  How to establish demand and increase the chances of longer tenancies and higher rents
Video 9: Price Pin Map Exercise
In this step we explore the most expensive streets within your suburb... and find out if there are cheaper properties available on the same street. 

Highlights include:
  •  How to renovate for profit with the worst house in the best street
  •  Why pricing disparity is the holy grail of renovation, and how to measures the spread of values present at a street level. (So you can buy low and sell high) 
  •  How to making a price pin map to identify where pricing disparity exists within a suburb. 
Video 10: RP Data Professional
In this step we delve into RP Data Professional and its many amazing features that can help you drill down into the streets... and particular properties based on your criteria and requirements.

Highlights include:
  •  A walkthrough of some of RP Data Professional’s most powerful features for property investors
  •  how to conduct an automatic valuation of a properties market value.
  •  How to NEVER again pay too much for a property, or overestimate what your resale price might be post renovation
  •  How to create territories and receive property alerts when properties within these territories come on to the market.
Video 11: Your Final Shortlist
In this step we we collate all of our information into a final shortlist.

Highlights include:
  •  How our robust process of research and elimination helped us to narrow our focus down to the 2-5 very best suburbs available for the highest possible return.
  •  How to master the other drivers that affect the price movement of a suburb 
  •  How to get your hands on this information. 
Enroll Now
Our Commitment To Quality Property Investing 
Software & Education At An Affordable Price
Property investing training of this quality... where you literally get walked through the entire step-by-step process of purchasing a property... will typically cost you thousands of dollars. 

And even if it did cost that much, it would still be worth it. 

But at Your Property Success we're on a mission to help as many Australians as possible to transform their lives through profitable, low-risk property investing... 

So we've decided to offer this to you at a very generous discount. 

Our regular membership fee is $997 per year for this advanced training and software package. 

However for webinar attendees only, we are offering a generous 50% discount where you can purchase Location Masterclass Online for just $495
So Here's The Deal...
Look at it this way...

Instead of having no choice but to attempt to navigate through hundreds of sources of data, and figure out where to invest and what to do to make it profitable...

You will get instant access to our unique cutting-edge Suburb Selector Software, and our proven step-by-step guide to investing like a pro.

And this proven system will likely save you from wasting many years of trial and error...

Not to mention a ton of money by avoiding the common mistakes that inexperienced investors make... 

So you really could literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding having to guess (and hope and pray) you buy the right property in the right area. 

Bottom line... we really could have charged you $20,000 for everything.

And when you compare this to what you stand to gain from this information, that would be more than justified.

However the good news is, you won’t have to pay anywhere near $20,000 if you take action today. 

In fact you won’t have to pay $5,000 or even half that amount, not even $2,500

All we are asking you to invest is just $495 (12 months) to give Location Masterclass Online a try for 14 days... and to make up your mind once you’ve given it a test run.  

That’s how confident we are in this process...

Don't Decide Now - Try Location Masterclass Online For 14 Days
This software/training combination is the result of over 18 years of investing experience and over 12 years of teaching others and witnessing first hand what gets the biggest results.

It works because it’s completely evidence based and is built on the known drivers of capital growth.

Rather than guessing and hoping you're do it the right way, you can get it right the first time (or the next time)... and avoid trying and failing or simply giving up altogether... 

And we’re sure you’ll get results with it if you take action and apply the material... 

Which is why we want to make this an absolute no-brainer by removing ALL the risk. This means you can take action and invest in Location Masterclass today to test drive it for the first 14 days.

So before making a decision you see how good it is yourself with zero risk.

And in the unlikely event that you don't think it will help you to build a profitable portfolio, then simply contact our support desk and they will issue you a prompt refund... no questions asked. 

So there is literally nothing to lose... and plenty to gain. 

Click the "Get Instant Access" button below to get started immediately. 


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. 
This price includes GST
Two Reasons Why You Should Order Today
Normally we'd sell this for $997 for a 12 month membership of  Location Masterclass Online, but if you take a leap of faith and purchase today, your investment will only be $495 including GST. 

That works out to be a massive discount of 50% off. 

Why would be give such a generous discount? 

Two reasons.  
1. We are seriously considering increasing the price 
Firstly, we genuinely want to help as many Australians succeed in property as possible... and therefore have made it as affordable as possible. But we may decide to increase the price to what it should be at any time, without notice. It makes sense to give it a try at the lower price while it's still available. 
2. We want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible 
Secondly, because this is still a relatively new product we want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible, so we can get plenty of feedback to make improvements. Doing this will help spread the word and give us more exposure. 
So with this in mind, why not try it for 14 days and make up your own mind...
Our system is proven to work an we have the success stories to back it up. The point being... if you use our suburb selection software as instructed and complete the program you will see results. 

But just in case you aren't... even if you don't like the sound of my voice... all you have to do is send an email to our support desk and we'll organise a prompt refund for you... no questions asked. 

So that means you DON'T have to make a commitment for 14 days after purchase. All we ask is you give it a fair go before making up your mind. 

We’ve Got Your Back:
Over-The-Top Customer Support
Our over-the-top customer service ensures you get the very best experience with this community and training. We constantly receive wonderful feedback about our support staff and are very proud of the culture that we have fostered here at Location Masterclass Online.

Know that you can always reach us via email directly at support@yourpropertysuccess.com.au or call 1300 96 36 46 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm).
On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with our Your Property Success Triple Guarantee
  •  Results — We deliver the highest level of training that delivers amazing results
  •  Quality — Your Property Success is known for Over-The-Top Customer Service, Delivery and Learning Experience.
  •  You’re Safe — this means you can enroll in this course and get full digital access instantly and you have the freedom to cancel anytime if it does not meet your expectations. Just follow these simple steps here.
Diana Smith
Customer Happiness Manager
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To Try Location Masterclass Online Now
Location Masterclass Online Is The Simple 
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By Removing The Guesswork and Risk...
You see, this course is much more than just property investing training.

It’s a complete system you can easily plug into to build your portfolio to use rapidly and effectively... without risk.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should invest in Location Masterclass Online today...

  •  The training and software is literally the the easiest way possible to find the ideal investment property for the best possible return, without risking your hard earned money. (So you have an excellent springboard towards financial freedom).
  •  This training is hype free. We simply show you what to do... By following our step by step proven system, you could literally save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars by just focusing on the most profitable areas to invest.. (And that's not exaggerating in the least.)
  •  You will receive full access to the Suburb Selector Software. Finding the perfect suburb that suits your situation has never been this easy. All you have to do is input your desired city, purchase price, and the distance from CBD... and our advanced software brings back the ideal areas for you!
  •  Warning: Without a proven system you'll find it almost impossible to weed through all the data available, and find a suburb you can confidently pick to invest in. (So why struggle and rely on guesswork when you don’t have to?)
  •  And most importantly, you'll avoid all the pain and mistakes that most inexperienced investors have to deal with. You’ll never have to guess your way to a property purchase again. (This is priceless and will save you a lot of headaches, needless stress and wasted time) 


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This price includes GST
What Happens After You Order
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Complete your order and then you'll receive an email with your login and password. 
Arrive at the Location Masterclass Online membership portal.
Location Masterclass Online Results
Hi Jane,
Just letting you know that our investment property just had a curbside valuation done again... with the new value at $725K. So a year and a half since settlement, the property has increased by $225,000! (from $500K to $725K)."

    - Gabriel C
Hi Jane,
I just want to thank you and let you know your course is making a real difference to everyday people trying to make the best decisions for their individual situations in the property market.

- Krystina H
To be honest it completely blew me away! 
This is an area which I really struggled previously. I feel extremely happy to have a list of great resources and the knowledge on where exactly to find the information which I am looking for. 

- Brad D
An amazing powerhouse of information.  
It’s fascinating to know what you can find on the web. I especially loved how you dissected each website Jane, especially the Census one. Also having the checklists is brilliant. You will even make an anally retentive person out of me yet I'm sure.

- Deb B
More Expert Praise For Jane Slack-Smith
“There are many books on real estate, but few I’d recommend. Jane Slack-Smith's book is one investors should read – sensible strategies from someone who offers knowledge, performance and integrity.”

- Terry Ryder 
Director – Hotspotting
“Jane is the go to person for no nonsense information about property investing, finance and renovation.. Our listeners love her segments because she's a straight talker and you know she genuinely wants to help”

- Kevin Turner
CEO - Real Estate UNCUT & Real Estate Talk

"Jane's strategy, the Trident Strategy, is a proven formula. This is what I love about it. It's a framework that you follow to get the right outcome."

- Ben Kingsley
CEO Empower Wealth
The Property Couch Podcast
What You'll Learn
5 Ways Your Investing Will Be Transformed
1. Get It Right The Next Time & Every Time After That
You will possess the easiest way possible to repeatedly find the ideal investment properties for the best possible return. (So you have an excellent springboard towards financial freedom).

2. Make Informed Decisions Using the Suburb Selector Software. 
Finding the perfect suburbs that suit your situation has never been this easy. Analyse suburbs from any source, based on your individual criteria.

3. A Valuable Resource You Can Go Back To Time & Time Again 
You will have full access to 15 step-by-step video tutorials that you can re-visit at any time in the future. Each video is hype free and equal to 1 step in the process.

4. Avoid The Guesswork, Hearsay and Wasted Time
You'll avoid the pain and mistakes that so many investors have to deal with. You’ll never have to guess your way to a property purchase ever again. (This will save you a lot of headaches, needless stress and wasted time)

5. See Your Future With Excitement
This program arms you with the tools and confidence needed to overcome uncertainty and explore the possibilities that lie ahead of you. The result is you’ll feel unstoppable and excited about your future plans.

So really you have two choices here...

Option 1: You can either spend years (and waste thousands of dollars in the process) working it all out by yourself... 

Option 2: Or you can invest in a proven system that makes it 100 times quicker and easier to pinpoint precisely where to buy right now. 

Those who choose Option 2 will be able to fast-track their property investing learning curve, and actually start getting results within just a few short weeks or months. 

Obviously, if you do join there is still plenty of work to do. Nothing will happen if you just watch the videos and don’t take action on it... 

But the point here is, we’ve eliminated the confusion by providing you a step-by-step system to follow... that we know works.


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server. 
This price includes GST
Great! Loved the methodical nature of determining the target suburbs. It went into more detail than I expected and I can see a very logical way of narrowing down the search. 
I can now see how it can be a very scientific and systematic process.

- Louise P
There's a lot to know and research before buying. The pace is right to explain things and the structure is good. I now have a phd in suburb due diligence after that! Love the info.

- Peta S
Thorough and informative. The demographic section was my favourite. I loved all the analysis as this knowledge will empower me to find the right property in the right area at the right price to match the strategy that I have. PURE GOLD!

- Matt L
The single most important piece of information was the Suburb Selector Software. I think this is critical because it gives a framework as to exactly what you should be looking for when researching a suburb. It is brilliant!

- Vanessa D
If you’re serious about selecting the right investment property in the right location, then this really is a no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

But for those who are still on the fence, and undecided I’m going to go even further... 

Yes, I’m also going to throw in 6 highly valuable bonuses as a reward for taking action today. 

And I have hand picked each of these bonuses specifically based on the feedback from our students.

Here they are...
The 6 Amazing Bonuses That Are Thrown In With 
Your Purchase Of Location Masterclass Online 
Bonus #1: Twelve Months Membership to Your Property Success Club
Your Property Success Club is much more than a community and training, it’s a property investment language and framework that you can use to actively build your portfolio rapidly and effectively.

It features 12 in-depth video training modules where I share the most important techniques and tools I have used on my path to building a multi million dollar property portfolio over the past 15 years.

In Your Property Success you get access to a simple step by step, no-nonsense path for you to grow your portfolio yourself, using The Trid3nt Strategy® (a no-nonsense low risk method that can really fast track your investing.)

Valued at $697
Bonus #2: How To Profit From Rundown Properties - 4 Part Video Series
In this video series I share with you how renovation, specifically strategic renovation, can be an effective wealth creation tool, that anybody can use, and without any prior building knowledge or DIY skills… 

Because everybody's heard the stories of people’s successful renovations that have resulted in a large windfall… Renovating successfully can literally transform your life...

However I’m sorry to say for the overwhelming majority of people, the dream of renovating successfully for a profit will never be realised...

In fact I'm constantly seeing people who are attempting to renovate for profit and losing money... instead of making a profit, they barely break even or even worse, go backwards… 

And that's a real problem... because a failed renovation can really set you back years, or in some cases cause you to give up entirely. 

I will also address some of the common mistakes that cause people to come unstuck prematurely and how you can avoid them…

Plus you will also see real-life examples of strategic renovations… wonderful before and after pictures that will give you ideas and inspiration.

I will also cover
  •  Why right now is the best time to renovate for profit.
  •  The insider secrets to strategic renovation.
  •  The most common pitfalls to avoid when starting out.
  •  And the key things that make a run down property truly profitable.
In video 2 I will show you how you can get started quickly without taking risks…
  •  How to discover a property’s profit potential.
  •  How to avoid spending too much on the wrong areas of the property.
  •  And the secret 3 pillar strategy that works every single time.
In video 3 I will teach you how much you should spend on your renovation and renovation strategies that work best in today's market…

And in video 4 I will show you the tips and tricks for adding value fast without spending much money…
  •  Like the areas within the property that add the most value…
  •  And how to perform a renovation twist…
And these are the techniques that you will be able to use over and over again!

Valued at $97
Bonus #3: How To Establish Property Demand With Demographics
Uncovering the demographic information of an area is an essential step to low-risk investing.

Trying to collate all the data available online, and make sense of it can be a bit of a nightmare, if you’re not used to it. 

In this video, I will walk you through how I interpret the data to come up with a picture of a potential suburb.

This is a huge timesaver for you. 

Valued at $47
Bonus #4: How To Map Census Data For Fast Analysis
Gaining clarity by just looking at the numbers is hard.

Most of us are visual creatures, so in this video I will share with you a neat trick for creating a map from the latest census information.

Using the Census Table Builder, I will walk you through how to build your own demographic maps across Australia for Free! Instead of having to pay for expensive software

So there you have it 4 extremely valuable bonuses And these bonus alone would be worth more than the price you can buy Location masterclass online for (let alone the thousands they can save you)
And they're all yours if you act now!

Valued at $47
Bonus #5: How To Calculate Rental Yield
Rental yield is a very important element of property investing, but it can be really hard to get your head around. So I’ve created an easy to follow tutorial that shows you exactly how to calculate rental yield. 
I will also run through the variables that affect your rental yield. And the other things you need to factor in such as depreciation, and the cost of owning a property.

Don’t forget too... rental yield is only one part of the story... The total yield is what really counts!

Valued at $47
Bonus #6: Renovation Suburbs With Pricing Disparity
Pricing disparity is the key to renovation success. But how can you find which areas have it?

Even experienced renovators struggle with this and get it wrong. 

But you won’t. 

This bonus video includes everything you need to know about pricing disparity, such as:
  •  How to assess if pricing disparity is present in an area
  •  The characteristics of suburbs with the most pricing disparity
  •  Where pricing disparity sits in a suburbs lifecycle 
  •  The rule of thumb when looking for pricing disparity in a suburb
Valued at $47
You literally have nothing to lose because...
You can take a full 14 days to put us to the test with our ironclad, money-back guarantee...
  •   If "Location Masterclass Online" is not the easiest way possible to find ideal investment properties for the best possible return...
  •  If it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to focus strategically on the most profitable areas to invest...
  •  If it fails to help you gain clarity and completely remove the guesswork from your investing... then you will receive a full refund... no questions asked!!
So as you can see, all the risk is squarely on my shoulders. You really have nothing to lose by giving Location Masterclass Online a try. 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I access these trainings on my Phone or Tablet?
You sure can! And we even have the audio from the videos so you can listen to the trainings anywhere at any time
Do I need to own a property already?
The short answer is no...

If you DO already own a property, then that’s great! This training will provide invaluable information on how to add substantial value to your property.
What if I don't own a property?
If you DON’T have a property yet – or even if you are a year or more away from purchasing a property – this training is still for you.

This training will empower you with the knowledge of how to find the right suburb and the right property for your budget. It then shows you the methods that I have used to build a multimillion dollar property portfolio.

This training is all about evidence-based decision making that is already resulting in real profits with our students.
Do I need experience?

Location Masterclass Online is designed to take someone with no prior experience and give them the knowledge to take on their first investment with confidence.

Great care has been taken in selecting the subject matter for this training so that information is presented in a clear and simple step-by-step manner.

The single biggest piece of feedback that we get from students who have completed the course is CONFIDENCE.